A Brief Moment in Time

Following on from our last blog post on the false promise of productivity, we thought we would make a peacebeam dedicated to pausing and touching the vastness of Time. This peacebeam seems to have particularly resonated with our listeners and was played more than 4,000 times in 24 hours. That’s a lot of pauses! The feeling that we don’t have enough time is a modern idea. Time just is. And when we pause - even for a moment - we can touch its generosity and feel space open up. Rather than feeling time is pressure we can feel it as a spacious place to drop into, rest briefly, refresh and move on with our day. So for all of you who feel busy and stressed, on your commute, at work or at home, have a listen here on Insight Timer or download here and keep it for when you need it.

Mindfulness, PeaceKaris Lacroix