New Beginnings - A Morning Practice


An interesting aspect of the design of the universe we inhabit is that there cannot be an ending without a beginning and vice versa.

Everything is within the birth/death matrix – everything but everything whether it’s your life or a sandwich. This is something over which we have absolutely no control, it is absolutely the DNA, the mechanics, the OS of life on planet earth – beginnings and endings in a continuous cycle.

It is a curious quirk of our nature that despite the irrefutable evidence to the contrary, we still believe that things will go on forever. Whether good or bad, - perhaps especially bad – we forget that nothing is permanent, everything will pass. This is an objective truth that can be overwhelming or incredibly useful depending on how you look at it.

Although we have no power over the continuous cycle of beginnings and endings, we do have power about how we choose to flow with that. Building helpful practices into the small things in our lives creates frameworks for the big things. If we choose to consciously treat each day as the new beginning that it is, we build the flexible resilience that will help us deal with the big endings and beginnings when they come.

May is bursting out its gorgeousness in London, brilliant green leaves not yet darkened by summer heat bounce gleefully next to lilacs and cherry blossoms. It is the very antithesis of sombre here, so probably a great time to start a new daily practice – even if it’s only for the month of May.

Here is the Peacebeam method for greeting each day as a new beginning:

Daily Morning Practice

Before you touch any devices, or read the news or listen to music, give yourself 5 minutes to contemplate your day ahead. You can do this before you get up,  in the shower or cleaning your teeth but its better to have a few quiet moments without multi-tasking if you can J

  • Say good morning to yourself and welcome yourself to a completely new day.

  • Take a breath in and bring yourself into the moment, hear the sounds around you, smell the air, the taste in your mouth, the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe.

  • Run through your plans for the day from morning to night.

  • Notice how you feel about each event, does your energy dip or rise when you think about each section of your day? Just notice how you are feeling and give yourself the few moments it takes to acknowledge how you feel.

  • Ask yourself whether you feel prepared for the day or overwhelmed?

  • Identify your fears and expectations about the day.

  • Breathe.

  • Make this commitment to yourself: Just for today, I am letting go of my fears and expectations; I am going to use my words wisely and kindly; I am going to live in the energy of kindness and compassion and if I slip into negativity, I’m going to smile, take a breath and begin again; I am going to be gentle with myself and with the people that I meet; I am going to flow with how the day goes rather than how I expect the day to go and I will try to remember that today is the only day that will be today: the people, events, weather, smells, tastes and conversations that occur today will never occur again, not in exactly the same way and I will live today with that perspective.

Repeat (each morning)!

Have a beautiful day.


Jane Murray

CEO, Founder

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