Finding the space to Begin Bright

It’s the first of January, you’re with loved ones, everything’s rosy and you think; ‘yeah, 2019 has a really good feel about it. This is going to be my year.’

Fast forward to the end of the month and any New Years’ resolutions are probably a distant memory, work has gotten on top of you, time is short and you’re already dreaming of your next holiday, faintly noting it’s only 11 months until Christmas.

If this is not you then I congratulate you! But this is unequivocally me, except that something has made this all a bit more bearable; Peacebeam’s ‘Begin Bright’ series available on Insight Timer.

Of course, I may be biased, having co-founded Peacebeam, but since 40,000 users have given it the thumbs up I feel no qualms in recommending it.

Our majority female-led, tech start-up began its journey two years ago. Our idea was to deliver five-minute audios for the busy person which would allow them to peace out, mentally re-set and ideally, take that feeling of kindness and spread it to others in their daily interactions - we see the future as kindfulness rather than mindfulness and heartspace rather than headspace. We dreamed of an app and toyed with incorporating block chain and tokenisaton so that users could also donate part of their subscription to a charity of their choice.  

Essentially, we want to make the world a better place by harnessing the power of technology.

But like the journey of so many start-up’s our first round of pitching made us realise we would have to give away too much of our heart and soul (and control!). We had some team member changes along the way and had to really ask ourselves what our motivation was - scale and bail or glow slow.

We like to glow so we went back to our original focus: delivering something simple and warm hearted that would help people. Next, we got “lean”. Shedding expectations that no longer served us.

It is true what they say - one door shuts and another swings wide open, but you have to be awake to spot it. Enter our friends at Insight Timer! Insight Timer is the world’s most popular free meditation app with 6,100,000 meditators from all over the globe tuning in and with tonnes of different courses on offer. The Insight Timer platform is smart, collaborative and generous - exactly what we’re all about.

More meditation is practiced on Insight timer than on any other app - so, we launched a test series in late 2018, were astonished by the incredibly positive response to our Peacbeam heart activations (we don’t identify as standard ‘meditations’ but that’s another story!) and created the January 2019 series of ‘Begin Bright’.

Jane Murray, our founder, composed a set of beautifully poetic and powerful audios. As a mum, a lawyer, our narrator, CEO and all-round superhuman, I don’t know how she does it, but she does.

On day one of our Begin Bright series, 5,000 people had tuned in. Reviews flooded in from Panama to Portugal and it was with absolute joy that as a team we realised we had achieved what we had set out to – making people’s days better and raising the collective vibration in what can sometimes feel like a pretty hostile world.  When you are reading messages like this from users every day, it makes every second of start-up life worth it:

I have been peace beaming so long that now when asked to imagine I am breathing through my heart there is a palpable jolt of warmth and joy when that happens. Thank you for this change in me and for every day made more by a little peacebeam.

My sincerest compliments on another beautiful Peacebeam. I truly feel that your sweet and simple messages can change the world. My warmest thanks; I so appreciate your efforts to improve our lives and to make our world a better, more peaceful place. Peacebeaming to you from across the pond.

And my individual experience?

During my 9-5, I work a demanding corporate role that I love, but can often get my cortisol racing.

I find that if I can do a Peacebeam audio during my day, this has a profound effect on the way I view my reality and my interactions with other people.

Technology is interesting in that it has paradoxically created efficiencies which are “time-savers” yet I, like so many others, feel more time poor than ever before. I’m not a perfect meditator, far from it. I can often do three Peacebeam audios on a particularly trying day, and then none at all. When I don’t Peacebeam, I notice it. Twice I’ve locked myself in a toilet cubicle just to have the space to have the five minutes to myself to engage. But that can be all that is needed for me to find my strength and hit the next few hours with renewed enthusiasm.

I have some favourites, but I think that the one that resonated the most was tuning into the beat of my own heart and giving thanks. How often do we ever do this? It was so profound and touched me so deeply that it was an altogether spiritual experience. Here it is if you’re interested. Day 3 – Counting On Heartbeats.

I don’t think any technology will be able to deliver the impossible, the philosophers stone of what humanity has always craved - more time than what we already have.

But what you can deliver to yourself is actually more space in that time.

Peacebeam’s Begin Bright series is an excellent way to tap into this part of your intelligence so that you help yourself and those around you.

So give it a crack, you might be pleasantly surprised with the expansion you gain in 5 minutes. I know that I have been.

Available to download here