Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked the same questions by our listeners so we’ve put together this list of FAQ’s to shed some light on the who, what and where.


+ I love Peacebeam, how can I leave a review?

Thanks! Nothing makes us happier than hearing from our listeners. You can leave us a review by visiting our contact page and filling in the review form here.

+ What is Peacebeam?

Peacebeam evolved in the Transformative tech space and is a London based digital publisher working at the intersection of technology, wellbeing and wisdom. We create heart activating material for busy, stressed, overwhelmed people. Give us 5 minutes and we will fill it with peace and kindness.

+ What does Peacebeam mean?

To Peacebeam is to wish unconditionally and from the deepest part of your being, unconditional good for yourself and for every being around you. We teach you a four step process that gets you calm, connected and beaming in as little as 5 minutes.

+ Where did the name come from?

We can’t remember who came up with it now - it sort of emerged from a series of night time meetings in an echoey office in a London winter. We were talking about how to describe intentionally sending out your energy of goodwill into the world - and Peacebeam seemed ludicrously perfect, and the .com was available :-)

+ Who is the voice of Peacebeam?


+ How can I find out more about the Peacebeam team?

Did you know Peacebeam is an all women team working remotely across the world? You can find out more about us and how we got involved in Peacebeam by visiting Our Story here.

+ Why are you an all female start up?

Well, we aren’t all female, we have one shareholder (out of 7) who is a man :-) The team is all women. As to why? Maybe because it’s easier for women to ‘get’ that every thought, word and action shapes the world we live in and that once we understand that we become powerful agents for change. This moment in history is the return of the power of the feminine - in both men and women - we are proud to be part of that history.

+ Where is Peacebeam based?

We are primarily based in London but our team is spread all over the world as are our listeners, so, our legal home is London, our soul home is Earth.

+ Where can I listen to Peacebeam?

You can listen to Peacebeam’s on Insight Timer or if you prefer the functionality of an App, then we can suggest Meditation Studio, where you will find several of our audio’s under Jane’s section.

We’re also really excited to announce we will be producing audio books, which will be available to download from your favourite providers - stay tuned for when.

We routinely update our Instagram with details on our next courses and partnerships, so be sure to follow us to stay up with the latest.

+ Do you offer meditation for kids?

We have produced a 10 audio series, soon to be released on Insight Timer (during Northern Hemisphere school term) and again in September (for back-to-school!)

This beautiful series explores topics such as ‘things I like about myself’; and other potentially new concepts such as ‘belonging’, ‘breathing’, ‘friendly fear’ and so much more - we really think your favourite little pals with love these. Targeted at kids from 8 y/o onwards, but that shouldn't stop the young at heart from also getting involved! Or the mature child for that matter :D

+ Why doesn't Peacebeam have it's own app?

We originally intended to create our own app, but while we were testing our product we studied the digital mindfulness and wellness market and felt that the world does not need yet another app (there are currently 3,000,000) but it probably does need consistently beautiful, soothing, calming, connecting content so we decided to focus on publishing content and use other apps and channels to get to the user.

+ What platforms is Peacebeam on?

Currently, Insight Timer and Meditation Studio. Stay tuned for our release of audio books! If you are interested in partnering with Peacebeam, we would love to hear from you.

+ How can I listen for free to Peacebeam?

Good news, we offer free audios on Insight Timer; the #1 free app for meditation and sleep.

+ Where should I Peacebeam?

Anywhere you feel moved to! If you have five minutes and a pair of headphones, you’re all set. These audios are designed for the busy, time poor, and stressed out human who just wants to peace out, so we’ve got you covered.

+ What do you mean 'out of your headspace and into your heartspace'?

Good question - heartspace isn’t a common phrase but we hope to change that.

We noticed that a lot of mindfulness practices simply focus on the self, and while that’s a beautiful space for the individual, the experience is fleeting and it’s not really doing much for mankind. We are wanting to challenge the status quo by adding an additional and very powerful layer to the meditation state. During a Peacebeam, you will engage in a four step process. The initial stages follow a mindfulness aesthetic while the final stage, to “Beam”, is to wish unconditional good to those around you in either thought or action. This is the really powerful stuff, and is what we mean by moving out of your headspace and into your heartspace.

+ Why is kindfulness important?

To be kind means to be tender, generous, warm hearted and compassionate, in all circumstances. These are beautiful words but our modern culture of competitiveness, winning at all costs, being the best and individualism tends to view kindness as the province of the weak. Nothing could be more misleading, to choose, in the face of all circumstances, to be kind is an act of extraordinary strength, will, power and nobility - it’s not a path the weak would choose - and it requires a very big heart. We live in extraordinary times, the systems that have been built on the opposite of kindness are failing us, we have big challenges to solve together and we believe we absolutely can solve those challenges if we learn to embody kindness. Kind people will find solutions that work for everyone.

+ Is Peacebeam mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a much misunderstood term these days. What it points to is conscious awareness of your being, your surroundings and your impact on those surroundings in every moment and the ability to respond rather than to react. In that pure sense, yes, Peacebeam is mindfulness but we feel that mindfulness is easily confused with concentration or activities of the mind. We aren’t really interested in your mind and what you think (or don’t think with an empty mind), we are interested in your heart and your capacity for acts of kindness in the small quiet moments of your life because that’s what changes the world.

+ I want to share Peacebeam with friends - what’s the best way to do so?

Thanks for your act of kindfulness! The best way at the moment is to direct them to our website, where we list our latest partnerships and your friend can choose their favourite option. Our largest catalogue of free audios is available on Insight Timer.

+ How can I get involved in your artist collaboration series?

You can private message us on Facebook and Instagram, or email us at

+ Can't find your question?

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