Q. What is Peacebeam about?

A. We are building a technology platform (web and app) for the London Commuter. Our mission is to transform the grimmest part of most people's day - the commute - into the brightest and most peaceful part of everyone's day. This technology will be an antidote to the stress, anxiety and fear which is growing in these turbulent times and is often made worse at the beginning and end of a day on our straining transport system. It will reconnect the commuter to their own capacity for peace and calm in highly stressful situations and make you a beacon of peace for everyone around you - a Peacebeam!

We will give you the tools to quickly enter a state of inner peace. Once you have developed a habit of entering this space you can then beam out that energy and change the atmosphere around you for everyone's benefit - just because you can!

In our age of 24/7 rolling media, we are constantly being told who and what to be afraid of and who and what to blame. Anger management issues, depression and anxiety are on the rise, especially in cities like London. We can change this together, by remembering our own power for kindness, empathy and peace.


Q. What is the aim of Peacebeam?

A. We want to build a network of people who are calm and peaceful when moving around our commuter network. Our goal is to help you make your day better so that you can beam that peace and well being out to those around you. We aim to record and measure the use of Peacebeam and build a peace rating for the city around that data. Similar to the UV index but we will be measuring peaceful thoughts rather than sunlight!

You will probably have heard the idea that in order to have outer peace we must cultivate our inner peace. Its a nice idea but inner anything is pretty hard to cultivate when you are worried about money, your job, your relationship AND you are about to start your day by with a difficult, uncomfortable and intimidating commute. These are the times when we most need to access our inner calm, but find it most difficult to do. Thanks to developments in quantum theory and research into the human electromagnetic field, we can now demonstrate the impact of thoughts and mood and learn how to alter them from a negative state to a positive state, quickly and effectively. Over time, by practicing very simple and quick techniques which can be learnt during your commute you will form a habit of calm in response to stress. Learning to do this whenever and wherever you are is where the rubber hits the road in creating peace in our world.



A. We are living in extraordinary times. 2016 was a year that seemed to reveal the very worst in us and 2017 has already seen all kinds of crazy! If you watch, listen or download for long enough, you might start to believe that there is no hope, that we really are self-interested, cruel and headed for disaster.......but at Peacebeam we don't believe that.

We know that there is an ocean of untapped goodness in all of us, we believe in the innate goodness of humans. Sure, there are exceptions and these are helpfully pointed out to us 24/7 by our rolling media. But we are interested in the unexceptional and the ordinary, the you and me who go about our daily business, get stressed, get annoyed, sometimes feel hopeless. We are interested in those of us who are tired of all the fear mongering, tired of the fake news/post truth/blatant lies designed to mess with our heads! We know that we are in what appears to be a perilous moment in our times, but we believe that it is calling forth the noblest and the best in us - we just need a bit of a reminder about how fundamentally kind and peaceful we actually are. We are launching a peace experiment in 2017 based around London's rail network and commuters. We believe that this mobile community of ordinary, average humans can create a wave of peace through the city which will Light up London. Its really simple, requires no input other than your thoughts, a smartphone and a desire to make the world a better place for everyone. 

The last eighteen months have seen some seismic political and economic changes. People are more uncertain about the future than ever before and many of us want to stop feeling helpless and overwhelmed and make a difference somehow. There have been many fantastic protests and a great welling up of the collective voice for a better world, which we participate in and support. But we feel that the real magic happens when we decide what we are 'for' rather than what we are 'against' and go for that. We are for peace, we think most people are, but, we are for peace all the time, in our daily lives, in the moments when we are in the thick of it, when life is hard and we are stressed and tired and angry. Our goal is to teach you how to use your stress as a trigger for inner peace and to express that inner peace outward. Imagine what it would be like if you could stay calm and express peaceful intent all the time, even when things are really tough? What if we could measure and record people's peaceful intent - not by what they are doing but by what they are thinking? We think that would be awesome! By recording and measuring this we can build a network of people who every day send clear, strong and consistent peaceful thoughts into the city, changing the atmosphere.


Q. Why focus on the train commute?

A. An average train commute for a Londoner lasts about 40 minutes. It is the part of the day when we are in close proximity to others, with time on our hands and our devices available and useable (especially if we aren't driving or cycling, but are squashed on a train). It is also the time in the day when we can find ourselves most irritated and/or intimidated by other people. In other words it is a repeating highly stressful part of most people's week and we found that it was the time when our thoughts started to become negative, particularly if we had been reading the news. With the amount of industrial action commuters have had to deal with in the last couple of years, it also seems to us to be a tough testing ground for the experiment but one that could provide most insight for our potential, individually and as a collective. We think its the ideal time to start being the change and intentionally creating an atmosphere of calm, peace and goodwill around us. We also like the idea of building a network of peace activists around the cities rail network because it touches every part of London, we have a vision of this web of peaceful thoughts and peaceful minds forming and linking around the city via the 3,000,000 commuters who move in and around London every day. That has the potential to be an incredibly powerful network of peace.


Q. How?

A. We know that if we start with the goal of trying to change the world, we will soon be disappointed. If we start with ourselves, we can make changes quickly and as we change, our experience of the world changes. We have seen with great clarity in 2016 what can happen when the worst in us (and we know its in all of us, not just other people) is enabled and catalysed, when our darkest thoughts are given 'oxygen'. When we were in early discussions about what has become Peacebeam, we wondered what would happen if there was a counter movement to the current trend for unkindness, self interest and separateness; something that catalysed our very brightest thoughts, those that are filled with humanity and kindness. We felt that maybe it could be a step in reconnecting us to our own power for goodness, our own hope and faith. It has become a cliche now, but that does not make it any less true or vital for the times we live in - we have to be the change we want to see in the world. Our question was how do we make that easy for ourselves when we are all working so many hours in a day, managing busy lives, caring for our children and trying to pay the bills? We knew that outer peace can only manifest from inner peace and also realising that our founding group were peaceful in theory but not necessarily in fact lead us to wonder how we could remind ourselves of our true natures when we were most likely to forget it. The answer seemed simple - we would set reminders on our devices during our morning commute to pick strangers on the train and internally wish them peace. We tried this for a few weeks and gradually, something started to shift for each of us. It was like a warm balm each morning, particularly when the headlines were extreme. The small and simple act of deeply wishing our fellow passengers peace and goodwill altered our consciousness from one of fear and stress to one of peace and calm. The 'annoying' incidents started to decrease, and even when they happened they seemed less impactful. So, we decided to build some technology to make this easier. We are now looking for people to become the early Peacebeamers, join in an experiment and provide us with feedback so that we can grow a whole network of people quietly determined to create a peaceful environment, one kind thought at a time. We would be delighted if you would join us in our experiment and start Peacebeaming today.


Q. And finally...... what is a peacebeam?

A. To ‘Peacebeam’ means to wish, unconditionally and from the deepest part of your being, unrestricted good for yourself and for others. By practicing this art, you are activating your deepest creativity and changing the atmosphere around you.