Welcome Padawan



Our series of focus groups lets you test out our savvy Peacebeam technology first. your feedback will help us get from the drawing board to the smartphone.

a bit about The Platform

We are developing a technology platform (app and web) that will:

1. Give you the tools to quickly transform highly stressful moments into triggers for entering inner peace.

2. Transform the quality of the atmosphere around you.

3. Help you develop a habit of peace and connection.

4. Measure the interesting bits to help us create a peace index. A peace index is similar to the UV index except that rather than measuring sunlight, we measure the number of peaceful thoughts occurring in the city.

5. Make the world a better place, for you and for the people around you.

Your role (mainly to peace out) explained

With around 100 people in the focus group, you are responsible for 'road-testing' ideas before we release them around the world. you simply take the 10-day 'Peacebeam Challenge' which involves nothing more challenging that listening to 10 daily audio sessions during your commute and telling us what you think. Sign up here, to take part in the September focus group.