It all started one bleak and rainy Tuesday morning in 2016. I was on the 07.33am train to London Waterloo. Standing - because there are never any seats - stressed, busy and running a little late.

Feeling my temper start to flare as my neighbour's backpack kept banging me in the face and scrolling through my messages and emails while trying to stay upright during a stop-start signal problem scenario, I was stung by a startling realisation: If I was 'too stressed' and 'too busy' to think positive thoughts about the person pressed next to me on the train, how could I expect anything from my community?

If I couldn't find the time or energy for the small acts of peace and kindness, I wondered, how can I help create the big changes I want to see in the world? I knew I wasn't alone. Stress and 'busyness' get the better of most of us.


Several coffees and dinners later the solution for the stressed out commuter hit us (the 6 founders): it all begins with the 'self'.

Imagine if whenever our stress levels heightened, we consciously collected our thoughts and cooled off so that the person traveling next to us received only unconditional kindness and peace. Not by what we say or do, but by the energy we emanate.

We wondered what it would look like if others did the same thing, at roughly the same time, and we were able to connect everyone?

And so Peacebeam was born. Join us on this well-being to world-being journey. Pick an audio, plug in, take 5 minutes on your plane, train or automobile and peace out.

If you want to know a bit more about the background and ideas our FAQ section is pretty wordy!

Jane and the Peacebeam Team xxx