Remembering our Interconnection


We live in strange times. Unexpected and shocking events unfold daily across our planet. We have pressing global challenges facing us as a collective. Many of the things we put our trust in as solid and dependable, whether ideas, institutions or ways of life are changing at a speed that can feel overwhelming. Peacebeam was founded with the intention of getting us back in touch with our innate nature of kindness and compassion.

Now more than ever, we need to rely on what is truly good in us to navigate our future together. We need to remember that we are truly one, not as a nice idea, but as an actual fact. We are totally and profoundly interconnected, with each other and with our home planet. Reminding ourselves of that is where our real power lies. This Peacebeam, Sunshine and You, is our gift to you and whoever you wish to share it with. 5 minutes to remember that we are all connected to each other, we all belong to each other and that is our strength and our future.  Please share, download, copy and use this to spread your peace :-)


Have a listen today and BEAM the change YOU want to see in the world.

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