Meditations aka Peacebeams

We have put together a selection of Peacebeams for you to listen to, download, share and generally enjoy. With over 50,000 downloads between them we’re confident you will like them!

What does Peacebeam mean?

To Peacebeam is to wish unconditionally and from the deepest part of your being, unconditional good for yourself and for every being around you. We teach you a four step process that gets you calm, connected and beaming in as little as 5 minutes.


Popular Peacebeams

Our Top 3 Peacebeam meditations will help you reconnect with yourself and the world around you.

Like what you hear? Great! Our entire Peacebeam collection is available for free via Insight Timer.


A Brief Moment in Time

Plays = 9,860

In this session we pause in the busyness of our day and give ourselves permission to touch the vastness and generosity of time and use this to activate our own capacity for generosity and spaciousness in our day.


The Space Between Your Heartbeats

Plays = 7,210

In this session we bring you into a state of heart and breath coherence through a mindful and nourishing breath practice. Following this, we activate the heartspace by considering the gentle power of patience and kindness, creating a space that softens and eases anxiety and difficulty.



Plays = 9,700

In this session, we look at how we can mark transitional life moments in our inner worlds, allowing them to change our internal landscape. By taking us into our interior worlds with kindness and simplicity we are able to arrive in the present moment with gratitude.


Peacebeam for Kids Series



Plays = 305

This practice focusses on how we all belong to the world in a very deep sense. Especially when we have lots of change (changing schools, friends etc) we can worry about not fitting in and this session helps us to feel at home in ourselves, belonging to the world.


Things You Like About Yourself

Plays = 600

In this peacebeam we consider the things that we like about ourselves and allow ourselves to feel appreciation for them. This peacebeam can be used individually or as one day of the Begin Bright series.