Hi I’m Georgie,

Co-Founder, CLO, Wellington, NZ

Since I can remember, I have felt a yearning to do social good. In early 2016, I took the plunge and left my role as a commercial lawyer in London to explore what genuinely interested me. As serendipity would have it, I met both Jane and Rachel during this period and was absolutely drawn to the individual charisma and values of these amazing women.  Finally, I had found my tribe to make a difference – I just hadn’t realised then it would manifest in such a cool, creative and impactful way as Peacebeam.

I am our team’s in-house lawyer. Like any lean start-up, I also contribute to strategy, values, provide writing and give my two-cents on content. One of my favourite tasks was co-directing the creative direction of the Peacebeam animation with fellow Kiwis, Rach and animator, Matt Worthington.

I am now based in New Zealand, where I live in a little cottage in the countryside, about an hour from the capital that is my hometown and workplace. When I’m not Peacebeaming, I act as an in-house lawyer to New Zealand’s international Aid Programme.

I find I really enjoy the remote model of our team; it’s odd that we are in different time zones but it works. When we all get together, there’s a lot of laughter and intense, challenging conversations – we have come a long way in our start-up journey and I feel really grateful for all of it.

The most satisfying aspect for me, besides enjoying the Peacebeam audio’s on a personal level, is reading all the reviews and seeing the global reach this amazing product has had. It is such a joy to see that we are making a difference to people’s lives in a few short minutes. Peacebeam is essential to me as it allows anyone to engage in a practice of doing good, without the ordinary barriers of situation, age or time-constraints.

G x


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