Hi I’m Jane,

Founder, CEO, London, UK

Hi I’m Jane, I founded Peacebeam in late 2016 with Georgie and Rachel. The idea came to me pretty much fully formed, on a particularly stressful commute into London during the week of the Brexit referendum. The atmosphere in London was febrile, and it was hot. There were a lot of unhappy, overwhelmed, disconnected commuters: tempers frayed, anxiety high - like the lid we all keep on our inner turmoil had been lifted.

I had a long-term mindfulness practice, and had done a lot of personal inner work but I too was ready to punch someone that week!! That was a sobering moment for me. I realised that self development, mindfulness and wellbeing are noble pursuits but really, so what if we can’t connect to each other and allow compassion to flow despite our differences.

I am a lawyer and was a VC for two decades so I am very familiar with the world of competition and striving that we all live in. I also know that competition, individualism and isolationism whether personal or national, cannot sustain us. I am passionate about small acts of kindness making the ripples that change the world, I believe wellbeing must become worldbeing and that compassion is the key to our future as a species and all the other creatures that call Earth home.

That is the why of Peacebeam for me - an evolution from mindfulness to kindfulness that is a wish for unconditional good for ourselves and our world. We have an extraordinary team of committed peace warriors at Peacebeam who are generous, warm hearted, funny and kind - working with them and hearing the feedback from our listeners who have been touched by their quiet, soothing work is a privilege for me.

Jane x


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