Hi I’m Rachel,

Co-Founder, Creative Director, Melbourne

I’ve been with Peacebeam since it’s very inception in 2016 and remember our first meeting as though it was yesterday.

It was a cold wintery night, in a Central London office and we were all looking a little exhausted, it had been a year of unrest after all with Brexit and Trump coming onto the scene. While the political climate outside felt hopeless the energy and optimism inside the room was contagious, we each took turns to share our personal story and Jane (in her soothing and calm voice) shared with us her beliefs on how we as a society are wired to be kind and how together we could create magic. I left the meeting unaware of the impact Peacebeam was going to have on my life but excited to have met like minded people. After only a few days of brainstorming business names Peacebeam was born and here we are today.

Three years on I no longer live in London and have relocated to Melbourne, Australia where I deliver Peacebeam’s Creative Brand Strategy for all on and offline content. Working remotely has its challenges but for the most part I love it - there’s no stressful commute! I enjoy the variety of work I get to do working with a small start up… one day I’ll be re-designing the website the next I’ll be illustrating a cover for an audio books - there’s never a dull moment.

I love reading comments and reviews from those who listen to Peacebeam, it reminds me that all the work we do is making a positive impact to people all over the world. I like to think that when people see Peacebeam’s cheerful, optimistic branding it makes them smile - which in turn makes me smile.

Thanks for being on this journey with us, it really is great to have you here.

Rachel xo

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Melbourne, Australia


Camping on the Murray River over Summer