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Peacebeam is a facilitator for kindness.

We offer short audios called Peacebeams that are designed for commuters and busy people to get you calm, connected and out of your headspace into your heartspace in the most stressful times of your day.

Whether you have just got off an overcrowded train, had a row with your loved one or a tricky day at work, we help you plug in, peace out and Beam the change you want to see in the world!

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Valarie, USA

“Short and sweet! I liked the fact there were 4-steps with instructions.“


Patti, Canada

“Love it! Went from anxious to inspired in five minutes. Thank you.“


Fred, UK

“I did this on my commute home. The dull and stressful day faded away, thank you!“


Ravi - UK

“I really enjoyed this, its short, I don’t feel like I have to make special time to do it, and I felt relaxed super fast.”



It’s OK we get asked this a lot so we’ve collaborated with talented animator Matt Worthington AKA Fume1 to tell Peacebeam’s story through a short animation - check it out!


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